5 Steps to Put Fear in it’s Place!

FEAR one of the single most debilitating emotions can be harmful in more ways than we can count. FEAR can keep us from moving beyond the norm and entering a truly fulfilling and inspiring life. FEAR can create self doubt and prevent us from feeling able to try. FEAR is an enemy.

I don’t know about you….but I think it’s time to kick fear to the curb! Below are 5 simple tips I think could help. Read up, implement what you learn, and let’s see your life change!!

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1. Start at the beginning.

Often our fear and hesitation comes when we think only of the end result. Perhaps we feel unable to reach that end point. Maybe we fear what happens if we do reach it. Or we could even fear changing our path thus creating an entirely different outcome.

Don’t focus on that end result. I am not saying that the end result isn’t important, but it can create a road block. So, know what you want to reach after all if you don’t know what your reaching for, you’ll never when you’ve grasped it BUT don’t let it consume you. Instead. focus on the ACTION steps needed to get you there.

2. Remember that small steps count too.

All of your actions steps don’t have to be huge, in fact the little tasks can greatly add to your feelings of success which can build increased motivation to continue! YES PLEASE!!

Every accomplishment no matter how small plays a critical role in achieving your goal, or vision, or master plan, or whatever you want to call it! And these small steps made over and over again create the environment needed for success!

3. Realize it’s not how you feel; it’s what you do.

You don’t have to be void of fear as you take these steps. But instead of letting that fear hold you back or make you feel unable to take action. You can most definitely make strides to achieve even with a racing heart, shaky hands, an anxious or maybe even doubtful mind, or shallow breaths.

It’s the carrying our of your steps that counts, NOT how you feel while taking them.

4. Feel the joy of taking action. 

There is an intense feeling of joy and accomplishment that occurs following your choice to take action and following through. Especially if you did so despite fear.

Use that feeling to your advantage, let it inspire you to continue. Use it at future times when you again feel fear welling up inside and want to give up. Let the joy lead you to continue making strides that lead you closer to what you want.

5. Know that action builds confidence.

Deciding to take action in overcoming fear can build confidence in your ability to try new things, rise above your doubts, handle mistakes—and learn from them, and work towards achieving a goal.

Action provides a great opportunity for much growth in many avenues of life far beyond our specific target area.

It is during our action phase that we are able to test our hypothesis about life and about ourselves and what we can do. It is from the action that we can confidence in ourselves and our abilities. It is from the action that we find out that we can gain from our mistakes, that our mistakes actually make us stronger…..IF we take action to learn from them.

What action can you take to overcome your fear today?



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