Stop Comparing: Comparison is the thief of Joy


This is something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. I have unfortunately discovered that there is an infinite volume of things upon which we can compare ourselves, and an almost infinite number of individuals—including ourselves.

The problem is…once we set down the treacherous path of comparison we never find the end. There will always be someone faster, stronger, smarter, more successful, more beautiful, etc. etc. But that does not mean that we can’t be content with who we are and celebrate what we do and have done. Sure, there is nothing wrong with desiring to be more than we are now……. as long as it doesn’t rob us of our current joy.

I have long struggled to accept myself as I am. To applaud myself for the things I’ve accomplished, to cherish the beautiful qualities within me, and to love the body I have—the body that allows me to do so many amazing things.

I do NOT want you to miss out on this beautiful life any longer by spending your precious moments trying to be as good as or better than someone else. It’s time to focus on YOU. There are so many amazing things about you. You are unique, truly one of a kind and so much to be celebrated.

What I ask of you today is this…..make a list of at least three of…

1. Your admirable qualities (kindness, empathy, easy-going…).
2. Your physical attributes (eyes, hair, smile, legs, muscles, arms….)
3. Your abilities (take care of children, strength, ability to run, gardening skills, singing, dancing, artistic talents..)
4. Your accomplishments ( awards, career, education, raising a family, running a marathon, weight loss, eating healthier….)
AND POST THEM where you can look at them every day to remind you of all you have to offer.



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