Find Your Fit. Make it fun. Make it happy. Make it everlasting. <3

Are you lacking the motivation to move? Does the mere thought of exercise make you cringe? When you think of fitness does the image of bulked up, sweaty, hollering men come to mind? Do your muscles ache at the idea of lifting weights or running?

Well, you wouldn’t be alone! But the good news, you could be thinking of exercise in all the wrong ways! We’ve long been conditioned to see exercise as a sort of punishment, when it’s truly a great reward! So throw out your current thoughts on exercise and fitness. It’s really not as bad as they say. Who knows, maybe you’ll even love it. 😉

Ditching the sometimes stressful thoughts associated with exercise (weight control, disease prevention, strength, endurance, flexibility, challenging the mind and body, confusion, trying new things, pain, etc…) can be a great way to encourage the creation of the long-term motivation to get and stay fit.
Research proves, that by finding workouts you ENJOY you are more likely to stick with ‘em!
Are you ready to kick your short-term motivation to the curb and set out to build the motivation you need to exercise and live healthy
for LIFE.
Don’t confine yourself to the gym: 
Your workout doesn’t have to take place in a gym or be lead by an in your face bootcamp instructor looming over you. Find what you love to do, and do that! Hiking, biking, swimming, dancing, running, playing with the kids…if it moves your body and livens your heart. That’s what we are looking for. There is equipment all around you! Benches, playground equipment, stairs, curbs, rocks, trees, the ground….get creative with what you do. Try new things and challenge yourself. Invite family and friends to join in. After all, life is better when spent with the ones you love! And why not work on your health together!
Fit movement into your “everyday” life:
You can fit more steps or heart raising active throughout your day without really interfering with your schedule! Take the long way to your destinations by choosing the route that will give you extra steps. Wait ‘actively’ by moving around during your kids sports practice, as you wait in line, while brushing your teeth, it all adds up! Get up to talk with co-workers or to deliver notes/mail/etc. rather than sending e-mails or calling. Take the stairs, ride your bike instead of drive, walk during your lunch break, set a timer at your workstation and try to get up and move at least once every hour. 

Treat fitness as the gift that it is:
Exercise should never feel like something you HAVE to do. Try to alter your mindset to see exercise as a way to take care of your body, to nourish your mind and soul, instead of a burden, and you’ll likely set yourself up to want to do it! The sense of accomplishment, rejuvenation, energy, and change that comes with exercise is truly a present you give to yourself. Thinking about exercise in such a way and doing activities that bring you joy, will give you an immediate reward AND long-term benefits too.

Set learning goals:
Rather than focus on a “performance” goal (losing 15 pounds, exercising 7 days a week, running a 8 min mile..) focus on on a “learning” goal (finding a way to stay consistent with workouts). Most of us tend to set performance goals associated with weight loss when we think exercise. When our goal is instead to learn, we are naturally curious and interested and will want to pay attention and rise above when challenges arise. This will help keep you invested for the long term as there will always be new things to learn. Will-power can tend to be lost when a performance goal is met.
Not sure where to start? Maybe try taking up rock climbing, road cycling, or sign up for a new class each week. unnamed

Focus on post-workout happiness:
Realize that your every day deci
sion to either work out or not is an emotional decision rather than a logical one. So those excuses you tell yourself (“I’m too tired! I’d rather sleep in!” “I’m sore.”, “I don’t have time.”) FORGET THEM! Focus instead on the future outcome of your choice. Just think how accomplished, successful, and energized you will feel after you complete your workout. THAT will help you to view exercise as an activity that make you feel good, and not as a chore.

HaVe FuN and Find Your Fit!!! 🙂

Your coach, your cheerleader, your friend,

Tessa ❤

Just BrEaThE……

You know what? Life is funny. Things happen, others don’t. Good, bad, or somewhere in between. We have little control over the unexpected. But don’t let the bad hold you down, don’t let it take your focus. Don’t let it rob you of your JOY.
Find yourself overwhelmed!? You’re human! Welcome to the club.
Next time your mind is over taken with fear, despair, anger, resentment, or any form of negativity, step back, close your eyes, and take 10 deep breaths.


Setting Goals

Day FoUr!! Good morning. It sure is chilly here in Eugene this a.m, and I’m geared up to head in to work, but first I posted your challenge for the day below. I absolutely love what I do. Helping people change their lives for the better- both in person and online. Helping them gain strengths they never knew they had, to try things they never imagined possible- This IS the reason I wake up in the morning. For my athletes. For my friends. For my family.

For the lives I am so privileged to be a part of!

In life, we have and will continue to deal with set backs, disappointments, and all things unexpected. You cannot always control what happens in your life, but you CAN control how you react. So, when things don’t go as planned, when the seas get rough….take a deep breath, look on the bright side, take note of what you learned, maybe shed a few tears or preferably share some laughs, then accept what you CAN’T change, and set out a plan to change the things you CAN.

Day FoUr is all about goal setting.

WARNING!!! This next part is long. DON’T get overwhelmed. If you’d like, copy and paste the information. Read through it as you have time and take it step by step.


Step 1: Create visions for your life
Before setting out on a mission to create individual goals, consider these main eight life categories: health, relationships, finance, career, personal/ spiritual development, recreation/play, environment, and service/contribution.

In each of these areas, before you create goals, create a vision. Write down what you believe in, what pulls you (your values) and what it is you want for your future. Creating a goal without a strong, compelling vision is often fruitless as because you really don’t have your WHY power to help you when things get tough.

Step 2: Take inventory of your life (think and reflect upon where you are now)
Once you’ve thought about and put down on paper what you want, you have to do a self check with yourself and see where you are NOW in relation to where you WANT to be.


Peer into each area of your life and write down the status of where you are. Be completely and entirely honest with yourself. If you’re in an unhappy relationship, write that down. If you don’t like your job….write it! If you spend too much time wasted on meaningless tasks…that’s something to keep note of! Being honest with yourself will help you make the necessary changes in order to move you toward the life you want to live. Do this for every area of your life.

Step 3: Create your overarching PLAN.
With each category written down, decide on one big, overarching plan to lead you toward your vision for that category.

For example, if your financial vision is to become financially free and be an example to your children, your corresponding, overarching plan could be to become debt free (and stay out of debt) and build wealth.

The vision is something that is a way of life; it’s your legacy. The overarching plan is the biggest goal you set to get there — it’s something that is attainable. After you set your overarching plan, you’ll then be able to set smaller goals that are measureable and attainable.

Step 4: Create measurable goals in writing with benchmarks
After you know what you want (vision), where you are (inventory), and your main plan of getting to where you want to go, you are ready to set goals. A goal is an achievable aim or target in the future.

One popular goal-setting strategy is the S.M.A.R.T. method

Goals should be:

Specific (not vague)
Measurable (detailed)
Attainable (achievable given where you are now)
Realistic (not impossible)
Timely (with a definite deadline)
This means that as you create a goal, it should be narrow, in writing, achievable, and have a deadline. Goals can be long-term goals (over one year) or short-term goals (less than one year). Goals can be created for all areas of life, or you can focus on one single area you most want to improve. Examples of long-term benchmarks are: 5 years out, 10 years out, and 20 years out. Short-term benchmarks for goals include anything less than 1 year, such as one week or 12 months.

Decide: What category(ies) do you want to create goals for? Just remember the more goals you have at a time, the harder it will be to channel your attention to follow through with them.

Write: Get it down on paper. what categories you want to create goals for (as little as one category up to all categories), and get to writing. Keep in mind that the more goals you have at one time, the harder it is to focus. Only you know where you stand, so choose goals that make the most sense to YOU and YOUR life. Use your inventories from above to determine where you should focus your energy.

Examples of two bad goals:
1. “Get on track financially this year.”
2. “Be more fit.”

Examples of two good goals:
1. Create monthly budgets the first of every month for the following month with my husband.
2. Get in at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times each week.

In the bad set of examples, you can see how the goals are vague and do not have deadlines. In the good set of examples, the goals are specific and timely. Both of these goals are written down which is incredibly important, too.

Step 5: Get those goals down on your calendar!
Implement your goals by taking action. This may seem obvious, but I believe implementation and planning needs to be a separate step because it is the difference between success and failure.


For me, productivity and accomplishments are best achieved when my goals are concrete, and in writing on my calendar where I see them on the daily! (at least once) Without this, my success rate plummets.

It is really the little things that separate the successful from the unsuccessful. The successful are willing to do things the unsuccessful aren’t. Just think….what’s simple to do is just as simple NOT to do. So, don’t put off the little things just because in the moment they don’t seem to make a difference. They will. Over time.

Whatever calendar/planner that you use, put your goals down as deadlines. Then, put a weekly “ goals check-in” somewhere on the page too. Your deadlines will keep you on track and focused. Your weekly check-ins will help you to make changes and plan accordingly as you get closer to your deadline.

Maybe for you this means that each week you put in your calendar on Sunday at 9am “work on goals”. Do what works for you and your own life. The key is to PLAN it. If you neglect checking-in with yourself, you won’t give yourself the opportunity to make needed changes.

For example, if you plan to train for a marathon and put deadlines on your calendar but then you find yourself injured and unable to train two weeks into training. You cannot keep those same mini goals, you have to make changes according to your new circumstance.

Step 5: The 4 R’s — Reward, Reflect, Revise, and Repeat
Yes, you are going to need to make changes. As much as you try to control your life, there is only so much you can do. There will always be circumstances that are out of your control. There will also be changes in life that may lead you to change what you want….and that’s okay! Sure, you may think you know what you want in 5 years, you may end up being way off. But that is no reason to put off setting goals and aiming to reach them.

Enter the 4 R’s.

First, reward yourself after accomplishing any goal. We really are creatures of positive reinforcement and you’ll have more success if you reward yourself.

Second, reflect on your progress and think about the journey as time passes. Without reflection it will be hard for you to learn and grow.

Third, revise your visions, plans, and goals over time. As you change, so should your goals. Revision can take place during your check-ins so that you keep moving forward in the direction you want as things change.

Finally, repeat the process by continuing to make and write down new goals as time goes on.


A Final Note!
Remember: The meaningful progress you make by creating and achieving your goals will leave you happier and with fewer regrets. A life without direction is a life wasted.

Live life goal-oriented. Live life positively. Live life positively goal-oriented.

BaNaNa “Nice-Cream”

Do you find yourself craving sweetness? It seems a great majority of people have a hard time battling their sweet tooth. Are you one of them?

Fear not! I have a few solutions to tame the monster, while not throwing your healthy living progress down the drain!

Here’s one….Banana “Nice-Cream”. 


What do you need?
1. Food processor, or a high powered blender (i.e vitamix or blendtec) that can work with little or no liquids.
2. Frozen BaNaNas, the more brown spots the better. (I buy mine in huge numbers at Fred Meyer when they put them out for quick sale at a reduced price. Then, I bring them home, peel them, cut them into chunks, and place them on a flexible cutting board–makes transfer a breeze! or a cookie sheet. Once frozen I transfer them to a freezer safe container.)

How do you do it? It could hardly be any easier, here we go!

Let’s start simple….Strawberry-banana style!


1. Place 1 frozen banana and 1 cup of frozen strawberry slices into your machine of choice.

2. Turn on and process until smooth, I like to add a little almond milk to speed up the process.

It may start out very loud at first, but eventually the fruit breaks down and an absolutely fantastic treat has been unveiled! Seriously, SO GOOD!!!

3. You want to eat (or serve) the Nice Cream as soon as you can after processing. If you re-freeze it, it loses that ice creamy texture. (Which can quickly be re-established by blending the mix once again.)

The possibilities are endless–here’s a few more ideas to get your creative and salivary juices flowing. ALL the amounts can be changed according to your desires. I usually only use a half of a banana and add blackberries, peaches, and almond milk, then top with cinnamon.

JUST REMEMBER that though these are dairy/added sugar/ other bad stuff free it does NOT mean that they are calorie free. So, keep portions in control.

Pina Colada Nice Cream:
1 frozen banana in chunks
½ cup frozen pineapple chunks
¼ c frozen almond milk-unsweetened (2 ice cubes)
Blend all ingredients until smooth.
Serve with sprig of mint and fresh pineapple chunks.

Peanut Butter Nice Cream
1 frozen banana, in chunks
1 tablespoon natural peanut butter*
cinnamon and vanilla to taste
Blend all ingredients until smooth.
Serve with a sprinkle of crushed peanuts.

*can be replaced with other nut or seed butter; make sure there is no added sugar or oil.

Cherry vanilla nice cream:
1 frozen, chopped banana
1/8-1/4 cup pitted cherries
1/4 tsp vanilla
Serve topped with 1/8 cup pitted cherries

Ditch the Black and White thinking.

Forget the black and white, there is more to life than success and failure. 
As a whole, we humans tend to compare things as two opposite poles. But really how can we say that success and failure are total opposites, or that they are mutually exclusive? Who says that those are the only options? Think about that. It will open up your horizons. Stop telling yourself that these are the only two results you can reach in life. Nobody is either a failure or success, but rather exist somewhere in the middle of both. We all possess elements of both. So, don’t be scared to fail, and don’t strive to succeed. Rather, find a different goal. A goal to be happy, to present yourself as a positive influence in someones life, or to compliment three people a day. Make a goal that is enjoyable, and focuses on a PROCESS (experiences) rather than an OUTCOME.
Remember, this is a JoUrNeY, and it’s the experiences along the way that truly matter, that make you who you are. In all reality who cares about the outcome positive or not, if you didn’t enjoy yourself or learn something new along the way?

Live vibrantly. Live in color. Live life in vibrant color! 

Challenge your IrRaTiOnAL thoughts.

September, is that you? I can’t believe how fast you got here..were you speeding??

I don’t know about you, but for me this summer simply has been FLYING by. It isn’t that I’m not excited for Fall, after all it is my favorite season, it’s just that I want time to slow down!!! Well, anyway…….I digress!

DAY TWO: Challenge your irrational thoughts. Yes, this is much easier said than done. But what I want you to do is any time a negative thought creeps in to your head, consider WHY you think it. Take yourself step by step through about what caused the negativity to manifest itself. Look for the evidence that contradicts the thought. Upon challenging your irrational thoughts, and beliefs REPLACE them with positivity.


One way to do this is to create a personal MANTRA that will consistently remind you of how fricking awesome you are! Seriously! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

You may be wondering, what exactly is a mantra and why do I need to do this? For simplicity’s sake and our purpose, it’s a word or phrase that is repeated to aid in concentration and help to change your thought patterns. Why are we doing this? For the purpose of encouraging positive self-talk and to channel your energy in to recognizing and cherishing your good qualities.

Creating YOUR mantra:
It MUST be positive and affirming.
So, example. Rather than saying I WANT to be fit, happy, healthy, strong, etc. Focus on your desired outcome. I AM fit, happy, healthy, strong, etc.
Mantras should NEVER be in the ‘negative’, such as I’m not weak, fat, slow, boring, alone etc. anymore.”

Start with thinking about your WHY from yesterday. It might just be a good inspiration. Then, sit down and practice creating a few different ideas on paper. If you have a particular goal in mind, paying off debt, losing weight, lowering blood pressure, feeling happier, gaining, confidence, then create some simple phrases connected to your goal. Then pick the one that speaks to you loudest, tugs at your heartstrings, and just gets you excited!
Here are some simple mantras to get you started:
I am fearless.
Success happens one day at a time.
I can do… (anything).
I deserve happiness.
I believe…..
I choose to be happy (healthy, driven, purposeful, caring)
I am healthy.

I am strong.
USE IT! I want you to write your finalized mantra on a piece of paper. (Get artsy with it if you want! Add color, images, create a collage, etc. ) Then, post it where you will see it daily.

Yes! You are going to have a lot of positivity sticking around your home/car/work, and that’s exactly what I want! We have enough negativity in our lives. It’s time to add some happiness, smiles, and confidence! AND REMEMBER…..


Think positive. Live happy. Be Positively Happy!!

Eat MiNdFuLLy

Nutrition Tip: Unknown-1

Our bodies have great cues; we just need to tune in. In general, eat until you’re satisfied, not until you’re full or stuffed. Prepare your meal and sit down. Shut down your work, or the television, or whatever you may be doing, and focus on your meal. Being aware of when and why you’re eating or snacking will help control how much you consume throughout the day. When you eat fewer calories than you burn, you can burn excess stored fat SCORE!! 

Be careful also to not UNDER eat. To put things simply, if you eat too little, your body will go into a starvation mode and will reset your metabolism–in a bad way. This can
cause fat to be stored instead of burned. SO remember both eating too much OR too little can be detrimental to your goals and ultimately your health.